A Tribute to Houston

By Rast Team

In light of the music industries silence for Black Out Tuesday – we wanted to celebrate some of the musical contributions that the black community has made, specifically from Houston, Texas. At Rast Sound we believe treating everyone with dignity and respect, so we put together a small tribute to the community George Floyd grew up in.

The area has given the world blues from artists such as Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins, who networked his way out of the cotton fields and onto the stage in the 30s.

To the current day with artists such as Lyric Michelle, with a raw performance for Tiny Desk below.

We are not experts on the Houston music scene so please mail us with your top picks (or comment below) from the region, let’s work together as a community. 

Sharing is caring – so, if you found something that may inspire other creators or even have an idea that could help heal the world through sound – we want to hear about it!

We will keep supporting our black community and learning while sharing in different ways.