This is a session recording package of Anatolian Percussion instruments by Rast Sound.

Two types of Bendir, two types of Kudum and a Darbouka is recorded and edited into loops, phrases, oneshots and taster processed samples.


Bendir is a special rhythm instrument which various forms have been used in sacred & tribal ceremonies for long years. Today you may hear it almost in every ethnomusical context. The instrument can be made of natural leather or stretched plastic. The diameter is generally 52 cm which adds a powerful low end to the sound it produces.

Kudum is widely used in Mevlevi rituals and sacred drumming sessions along with Ney. The instrument has a copper body with a half spherical shape to it. The surface of the instrument is generally leather but plastic material might be used as well. Two 15 cm diametered instruments are played together like a bongo.

The darbouka (goblet drum) is first seen in Babylonia and Sumeria. It has a goblet shaped body and a membrane surface. The instrument name comes from the darba word which means strike in arabic.


The recording session is performed at Babajim Studios which is the leading recording environment in Turkey & lovely friends of ours. You may find detailed information about the place through the links provided at the end of this booklet.

5 microphones are used for this recording session to capture the maximum sound possibilities. These are,

* Neumann U87 for mono close miking.

* AKG C414’s for stereo blumlein miking.

* DPA’s for stereo room miking.

For variety, the musician is let to free improvise and play on different material provided by the producer. The producer selected material from different cultural backgrounds and genres to inspire the performer.

After a pretty long session, these recorded files are edited, mixed, mastered and turned into ready to go samples by the producer.

* Over 450 MB of 24-bit Wav files
* 251 Samples
* 185 Loops.