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Rast Sound is a growing sound & instrument developer with a wide collection of products. We are always in search of working with passionate and driven people who believes in our mission. 

Like many other internet companies more than sharing the same space, we value sharing similar values. For this time we are more interested in generalist people that has deep curiosity and experience in a needed field.

Tools today allows us to work with anyone from anywhere. The more invested and long term mindset you have, you can become a core person building Rast’s future.

See the titles we are looking for and apply through below form:

Software developer

Audio Plugin, DSP Developer


If you are a content creator, enjoying our products and work, you can now apply to join our affiliate program.

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A little about yourself and background, your passions and future expectations, links to your work, music, content. You can apply for multiple tasks, still select one job type but let us know in your message.