As with inspiration, reflection is essential to creativity and is something that must be considered when delegating available time to each step in the process.

By Dylan Korver

3 points to consider

Reflecting on both workflow and the output itself gives the artist the best hope in maintaining flow during work.

Reflecting on a creative session in terms of how you were able to interact with your tools and medium as well as whether the environment removed focus from the process allows for a clear understanding of what is working and what is standing in the way.

Taking note of when / where you work can even give insights when you consider the quality of the output at the time. Of course to look at the level of inspiration at the time is also imperative.


Start actively reflecting more often!

Outside of specific creative pursuits, other factors such as overall energy and health could be making an impact on a range of things including creative output.

Active reflection is a strong asset to any creator looking to elevate enjoyment levels or quality of output.

Of course journaling may be familiar(Reflection) but perhaps not   as a creative tool. if you are unfamiliar with journaling check it out