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Reviewing 2020 & Revealing 2021

Reviewing 2020 & Revealing 2021 December 29, 2020 by Özgür Kusakoglu Last year these times, I was planning an ambitious but smooth 2020. Trying new ideas and bringing interesting toys with the team to our members was our goal. What

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Midi 2.0

MIDI 2.0 takes the specification even further, while retaining backward compatibility with the MIDI 1.0 gear and software already in use. Here’s why MIDI 2.0 is the biggest advance in music technology in decades.

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Future of Electronic Music Performance with Agents

Future of Electronic Music Performance with Bodiless Agents written by Ozcan Ertek The idea that artificial intelligence can compose music was unimaginable for a lot of people yet now artificial intelligence is making an impact almost everywhere. AI helps musicians and

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Live 11

Ableton Live 11 Announced It’s here in beta form with the official release only months away, so what’s new? By Rast Team With new devices, updates and integrations Live 11 is set to improve the workflow of many producers early

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Performing Electronic Music with DAWs

Stories Performing Electronic Music with DAWs The state of computer-generated sounds has advanced rapidly to the point that anything can be incorporated into a musical syntax in today’s music. Therefore, sound art and electronic music are now often made of

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On Generative Music Software & Future

Ideas On Generative Music Software & Future “Digital is not here to put an end to anything. Rather it is here to expand all things, to combine and to make more things.” After releasing our Generative Collection tools for music

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