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We Live In a Beautiful World

We Live In a Beautiful World. We wanted to share this video with the world to inspire by using the power of culture and sound in these wild times. This piece is composed by our co-founder Kerem using many of

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Middle Eastern Music Short History & Instruments

Middle Eastern Music Short History & Instruments Middle Eastern music spans across a vast region, from Morocco to Iran. Middle Eastern Music spans in a very large territory ranging from North and East Africa to Central Asia, including the Arab,

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Practical Odd Meter Guide to World Music

Get the basics by Kerem.  Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Many cultures, in time, had odd meters as a natural part of their musical/rhythmic structures. Since we recorded couple songs of this nature in Balkan Vocals library, wanted

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Meet Turkish Psych-folk Legend Selda Bagcan

“Selda Bağcan is a Turkish folk music singer, composer and politic activist. She experimented with rock and roll and with synthetic and electronic sounds in her LPs, although her musical style remained firmly rooted in the folk tradition.”

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