Cinescapes PRO - Smart Ambient Music Maker

First Leaks

After a year of working on our smart ambient music maker, Cinescapes PRO, is ready to get revealed (coming this week). Very excited to share a few leaks before we release all details. 

“Guided by your emotion and tone selection, Cinescapes PRO can create music within seconds, edit and change to your taste, even create complete ambient or backing tracks within minutes. “

We designed this engine to change how we make music by removing the thinking process. You can select an emotion and a key, then click play. The engine will create an ever evolving ambient music from endless possibilities. You can listen to it for minutes without getting bored and then personalise it to your taste. The best part is the music sounds warm and real, all presets in each layer is from recordings or analog sources.

This way of creating instead of coming up with an idea is much more enjoyable, you will generate music until you feel the flow in music and then further shape and personalise it. We also use it for just listening and getting inspired and a music mindfulness tool.

Cinescapes PRO is like nothing you ever used, a different way to make and shape music. It is a step toward future music making we envision. 

See you @ the release!