Designer Drums v2.0 Leaked

A full-fledged drum engine that lets you create, design and play a wealth of drum sounds with surprising dynamics.

After getting feedback and working in the lab for a year, we are super excited to reveal Designer Drums 2 this upcoming week. While the demos are getting finalised, wanted to leak you a few details (not much)!

The engine is completely re-conceptualised with additions of Create and Sequencer Panel, 50 redesigned kits and Smart Dynamics v2.0 (with different modes). Now the engine is a powerful drum tool to create drums with a few clicks to editing and mixing details.

Create unique beats in a few seconds.

  • Let the engine create endlessly & immediately for you with Genre and Tag selections. 
  • After you like a beat, play with details to further personalise.

Deep and versatile sequencer with full velocity capability added.

  • Immediate random fill on demand for surprise inspiration.
  • First ever sync-play to compose with midi on the go or copy to your DAW.

In a few days, we will reveal all of the details with walkthrough videos, demos and manuals. Designer Drums v2.0 sounds like nothing else and we are all super excited to share this year long journey!

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Ozgur @ Rast Sound

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