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Mosaic transforms world sounds into epic auditory adventures that captivate and inspire. Each note and rhythm is meticulously crafted to create evocative and grand audio fairytales, perfect for cinematic compositions and innovative beat making. 59€ intro offer ending – 41%

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Embark on a sonic adventure with the ‘Cubist’ sound library, where each key you press is uniquely different, offering a deliberate range from subtle nuances to bold variations—yet every note remains creatively meaningful when played together. This new concept brings

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Colours Collection v5

Colours Collection Everything we have ever released, now available within Colours. Join award winning composers and producers, inspire your listeners. Total Value 1567 EUR Buy Now – Only 699 EUR Already purchased some libraries & want to upgrade? 4000+ instruments &

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Holidays Bundle 23

Embrace the festive spirit with our exclusive Holidays Bundle for just 49€. Starting this Christmas and available only until January 3rd, this special offer brings together four of our popular libraries: ‘Sounds of Morocco‘, ‘Sounds of Mars‘, ‘Sounds of Cambodia‘,

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Introducing Chameleon, your exclusive Christmas present from us, a celebration of the holiday season in every note. This unique library offers a taste of the diversity and richness of our extensive 36,000+ sound catalogue, with select presets and sounds cherry-picked

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