All Bundle contains all of Rast Sound commercial libraries, collections & bonus content.

  1. Mideast Vocals II
  2. Sounds of Morocco
  3. Persian Vocals
  4. Kemenche
  5. Balkan Vocals
  6. Cinescapes
  7. Deep Element
  8. Ceremonial Vocals
  9. MidEast Vocals
  10. EthnoGroove
  11. EthnoCinematic Vibe
  12. Ethnoscapes & Drones
  13. Bit Field
  14. Anatolian Percussion
  15. Sufi Ney
  16. Kabak Kemane
  17. Hang Melo II
  18. Artsy Beats
  19. Inca Spirit Vocals
  20. Dystopian Element
  21. Bonus World Rhythms

Features :

  • 15+ GB of content (Kontakt & WAV | 24 bits)
  • World Vocals, Rare Instruments, Elements & Ethno Collection included
  • 4250+ samples & loops
  • 175+ Kontakt Instruments & Presets
  • 40% Dicounted Pricing on Value

You may find audio – video demo’s and booklets on product pages.

(total value 541 euros)

World Vocals Bundle contains Rast Sound’s all existing vocal libraries,  Mideast VocalsInca Spirit VocalsPersian VocalsBalkan Vocals and Ceremonial Vocals from 15 countries & 7 performers.

MidEast Vocals library concentrates on traditional, improvisational, ethnic vocal samples from various cultures of middle east music spanning  from more authentic to relatively modern.”

Inca Spirit Vocals is one of a kind vocal library from Amazonas, now at your fingertips.”

“Persian Vocals, second release from the Middle East, one of the first (if not “the first”) vocal library (incl Kontakt instruments) from todays Iran.”

“Balkan Vocals is an evocative vocal library to inspire your cinematique, ambient productions as well as  dance/experimental stylings, full of intricate local taste and color.”

Ceremonial Vocals library provides vocal performances from South American ceremonies, indigenous rituals and more.”


Unique vocal library; great for any music genre.”


“Really love these libraries, absolutely awesome” Tod E.

“This is a great collection, produced very well” Simon

Rare Instruments Collection offers well recorded strong performances and Kontakt Instruments from numerous countries and cultures, hard to find anywhere else.


Sounds of Morocco is the first ensemble library (including vocals) from Morocco ever produced.

“Hang Melo II is an expressive solo hang drum instrument and phrase library for KONTAKT and WAV, standing on the boundaries of percussive and tonal.”

“According to the Sufi, the Ney resembles the human experience. The reed with seven holes suffers until a breath passes through and flourishes music again.”

Kabak Kemane,  a rich walks/improvisations/phrases library from a classical Turkish string instrument with roots in Central Asia.”

Created for your eclectic percussion needs, Anatolian Percussion comprised two types of Bendir, two types of Kudum and a Darbouka, recorded and edited into an inspring set of loops, phrases, oneshots.”

“Kemenche, an authentic world string instrument aiming to bring both serious playability and enrichment layering with your other strings due to the humanly, deep and expressive sound it generates.”

User Feedback

“Great sound quality & rare, beautiful performances” Ray T.

“Totally loved the middle eastern instruments here” John A.

Elements Collection focuses on mood setting and sound design tools especially for film & game work. Elements offer 4 of our cinematic libraries,CinescapesDeep ElementDystopian Element & Bit Field with a special price.

Collection Features

  • 5GB+ Content for Kontakt & WAV 
  • 940+ Total Samples
  • 66 Kontakt Instruments & Presets (Solo and Pattern Players)

With All Bundle you get all collections & libraries as well as 50% off from everything we are going to release in the future.