an evocative vocal library to inspire your cinematique, ambient productions as well as  dance/experimental stylings, full of intricate local taste and color.

Our richest vocal library yet, this time from Southeastern Europe, it provides significantly larger and integral content with variety of sounds/tools in search of a fine user experienceal loving producer deserves. 

  • Over 1.6 GB Content (WAV + KONTAKT)
  • 240 Total Samples (many of which are more than 1 min. long)
  • Multisample Instruments, Patterns, Songs & Improvisations
  • 15 Instruments (Natural & Crafted Multisample Instruments (including legato), players, Kontakt 5.5 full version or higher) > GUI image

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As we try hard with every new release to increase playability of the content through instruments, we have added a number of natural and processed legato instruments for solo performances as well as polyphonic presets to the Kontakt instruments section. Offering you a chance to mix recorded local songs and phrases with playable instruments to form or support your own harmonies.

We hope you enjoy this well crafted (of the team’s sweat, blood and tears) unique content, and hey… don’t miss the intro price!
A basic odd meter guide to world music : As they are an irreplaceable part of the music of the region, we recorded odd metered songs too. Thinking some of our customers may not be familiar with the concept, we prepared a practical guide as an aid for hearing/understanding these irregular, rich forms.

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