Bit Field is an artsy percussive library where recorded organic elements (foley) are turned into contemporary sound elements with digital and analog processing. These bits are classified as beat elements, clicks & hits, motion, reverses, loops, vocal bits, etc.

We are particularly proud with the quality of the outcome. You can simply feel the organic root within modern clarity. This pack will  serve electronica producers as well as cinematic composers and sound designers.

Bit Field is for KONTAKT | WAV |AIFF  (203 Mb uncompressed)

Total of 221 samples are categorised as follows:

Beat Elements : 15
Build Up – Gestures : 10
Click – Hits : 47
Loops : 90 (WAV & AIFF)
Motion : 26
Reverses : 14
Tonal : 12
Vocal Bits : 7
Kontakt Instruments : 9 (full version needed)

Read the booklet.

Audio Demo