Create & Play Unique Brass Timbres.

Brass Boutique 2 is not your classic Brass library; we turned tons of recordings from a wide brass suite into our dream presets, solos and ensembles. The library brings cinematic, hybrid, processed presets as well as natural, orchestral styles, inspired by our favourite soundtracks and composers. Second version comes with the new design, additional presets, recordings and features.



“Brass Boutique offers strong cinematic sounds next to warm, natural presets.”

Wealth of Presets

You will have access to presets shaped to create different emotions on the go, so you can support your harmony with a brass sound that perfectly fits with ease and speed. We designed orchestral, ensemble, solo presets as well as going beyond classic brass sound, blending subtle analog instruments to create hybrid & processed presets.

Natural Suite

You will have access to a wide suite of solo brass instruments including: Trombone, Trumpet, French horn, Tuba, Saxophone, Euphonium

Sustain, vibrato and staccato articulations are available for most natural instruments next to rare effects. Play and layer different instruments and styles.

Blend & Create Unique Timbres

4 octaves of range, 47 presets on each side of the dual layer engine to create millions of timbral colours. Blend brass instruments to get the sound you exactly want. Adaptive dynamics in addition to regular velocity sensitivity to create advanced dynamics. Select, mix, shape, play and automate.

Layer, Split & Mono Legato

To further capability and performance, our engine lets you decide between layering or splitting which emulates an orchestral variety. The split mode (keyboard split) combines first preset’s lower octave with second layer’s higher octaves. You can also use mono-legato for realistic solo performances.


A one-stop brass station to play natural, hybrid and designed sounds, according to the inspiration or the requirement of the moment … you can even mix them through the dual layer engine to create endless timbres.

Audio Preset Demos

First Version Videos