Create & play unique brass timbres.

Brass Boutique is not your classic Brass library; we turned tons of recordings from a wide brass suite into our dream presets, solos and ensembles, articulations, both natural and with boutique design, inspired by our favourite soundtracks and composers.



“Brass Boutique makes it easy to create with solo brass instruments while giving a chance to layer and design a timbre that uniquely fits the emotion.”

Natural Suite

You will have access to a wide suite of solo brass instruments including: Trombone, Trumpet, French horn, Tuba, Saxophone, Euphonium

Sustain, vibrato and staccato articulations are available for most natural instruments next to rare effects. Play and layer different instruments and styles.

Hybrid & Designed Sounds

We turned tons of recordings from a wide brass suite into our dream hybrid and designed presets together with sound designers. Crafted for modern day soundtracks to create strong emotions (dark, nostalgie, joy, etc.)

Endless Timbres with Dual Layers

Creating unique timbres with dual layer engine is easy. You can also automate layers to evolve the timbre throughout your piece.

Improved Solo with Mono Legato

You can turn mono legato on to further improve solo performance realism for natural instruments.

Cinematic Side of Brass Boutique

The library comes with many ready to play cinematic presets which can be further layered to create unique timbres. Hear some examples through the video below.


A one-stop brass station to play natural, hybrid and designed sounds, according to the inspiration or the requirement of the moment … you can even mix them through the dual layer engine to create endless timbres.


Audio Preset Demos