Calm PRO is created to inspire making calm, soothing music, heal your listeners. The library comes with a wealth of instrument and ambience recordings and an engine that can play itself.


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“Just click autoplay and you can listen to it forever, when you hear something you absolutely love, start making music. You can also select sounds manually from both menu's on the engine.”




Calm PRO comes with various soothing strings, bells, gongs, chimes, percussions and more instruments as well as all sorts of ambiences and textures. You can play and mix solo instruments with patterns and ambiences in an intuitive way through the keyboard.


The Kontakt engine we built for Calm PRO is simple yet inspiring. It can play you the presets with Auto Play function, offers 2 menus to select solo instruments and ambiences, patterns separately which can be played together afterwards.

One fun gesture is that each time a preset changes, the graphics change to another amazing image background. Cycle Rate and Cycle Amount are fancier names for LFO parameters to help create movement where Modulate button further fluctuates the rate to create rare movements.


+ 1,5 GB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV

+ 420 Patterns, Shots, Multisamples

+ 225 Preset Combination Possibilities

Kontakt 5.8+ full version


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