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Plugins Collection

All our 6 plugins now available within this collection. 344€ * collection offer – 42% off Motif Create unique, multi part melodies on a scale/mood, build progressions and power through a complete arrangement. learn more Naturaliser Working through spectral, transient

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World Rhythms Collection

World Rhythms Collection brings 4 rhythms libraries ready to add organic, authentic flavour from all around the world to your music. Solo plays, massive pattern collection, phrase builders & more. 196 EUR Today’s Offer – 60% off total value World

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UNQ Effects Collection

All our 3 unique effect plugins now available within UNQ collection. 147€ *collection offer – 47% off “Make your music less robotic with Naturaliser. Music often sounds better when there’s variation. Rast Sound’s plug-in applies that concept effortlessly.” Naturaliser Working

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World Vocals Collection v4

World Vocals Collection palette and inspiration every vocal loving producer deserves. MIDEAST VOCALS I & II | BALKAN VOCALS | INCA SPIRIT VOCALS | PERSIAN VOCALS | CEREMONIAL VOCALS | INDIA VOCALS World Vocals Collection contains Rast’s all 7 existing

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Signature Collection

Our 8 signature libraries, delivering a wealth of inspiration from all around the world. + 8 Libraries (Kontakt + WAV) + Over 3000 Samples + 7,5 GB Unzipped + Kontakt Full Version 5.8+ Req. 8 Libraries In This Collection NOT

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Rare Winds Collection

5 unique & rare flute libraries from our catalogue is now available with Rare Winds Collection, including performances, solo instruments, patterns and more with better pricing. 215€ total value *collection offer – 45% off FEATURES + 5 Flute Libraries for

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