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Master Koto

Recorded with master Gaho Takahashi, one of the legendary instruments of Japanese music, Koto, is now available with its sheer beauty. Library offers playable solo articulations, phrase plays, wealth of rare performances & patterns. Koto Instrument “The Japanese koto belongs

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Vocal Morphs PRO

Vocal Morphs PRO helps you combine and morph unique, playable vocal performances. Design a unique vocal sound with thousands of sustain, plucked and phrase combinations. “This approach to designing morphed vocals inspires me to create modern, hybrid sections.” THOUSANDS OF

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Naturaliser Your next hit/note will never sound exactly the same. Working through spectral, transient and colouring dimensions, Naturaliser creates an audio output that changes for … well, forever. 39€ *today’s offer – 26% off “Prevents ear fatigue, both for you

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Building a Song from an Idea

RAST ACADEMY BUILDING A SONG FROM AN IDEA VIDEO COURSE BY Alberto Schettino | 110 MINUTES Basics of a Strong Musical Theme Melody as “Question and Answer” & Creating Contrast Capturing a Melody Turning a Melody Into the Signature of

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Hang Melo 3

Hang Melo 3 brings two expressive playable hang drum instruments with multiple solo styles and an immense pattern library for KONTAKT and WAV, standing on the boundaries of percussive and tonal. PRESET WALKTHROUGH “Due to its unique timber and sound,

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