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UNQ Effects Collection

All our 3 unique effect plugins now available within UNQ collection. 117€ * collection offer “Make your music less robotic with Naturaliser. Music often sounds better when there’s variation. Rast Sound’s plug-in applies that concept effortlessly.” Naturaliser Working through spectral,

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2021 VIP Access

JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE, HAVE VIP ACCESS TO EVERYTHING RELEASED IN 2021. + Receive all Libraries and Plugin Releases (only) in 2021. + 18 Commercial Releases. + Over 800€ Total Value. + Save more than 500€ . + (Bonus) Additional

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Asian Colours

Recorded over several years in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Tibet, Japan and China. The library offers multiple male and female vocals, various solo instruments and field recordings. Laptop Hooligans travelled all over Asia and recorded male and female ritual vocals, instruments,

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Sounds of Cambodia

SOUNDS OF CAMBODIA In coordination with Cambodian Living Arts we recorded wide range of Cambodian instruments and vocals, most of them sampled for the first time in detail. Although being from deeply traditional and authentic roots, we were most impressed

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Sounds of Morocco

Sounds of Morocco first ensemble library (including vocals) from Morocco ever produced. With co-producer Anello Capuano, we designed the library to offer full usability of recorded sounds as multisample instruments, cross mixable stems/patterns, phrase composer tools and stylised sounds for Kontakt

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