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Embrace the essence of Spring with Blossom, our meticulously crafted library, designed to evoke the joy, growth, and flourishing of the season. Blossom transports you to a world where nature awakens, and new life emerges after a long winter slumber.

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Ice Element

Ice Element is inspired by the arctic winter of Antarctica and similar regions with landmass ice. We built a unique library to combine field recordings, designed instruments and patterns easily. With solo instruments, patterns, long recordings & soundscapes, Ice Element

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Cyber X

Cyber X is crafted reflecting on the cyberpunk culture and soundtracks. Inspired from movies/games like Blade Runner, Matrix, Cyberpunk 2077 and more. We built a unique library to combine different sounds easily and it comes with an engine that can

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Calm PRO

Calm PRO is created to inspire making calm, soothing music, heal your listeners. The library comes with a wealth of instrument and ambience recordings and an engine that can play itself. 59€ Winter deal – 41% off “Just click autoplay

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