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World Odyssey Collection

World Odyssey Collection your gateway to exploring sounds from every corner of the globe. Welcome to ‘World Odyssey‘ – your passport to the world’s most enchanting sounds. Our carefully curated collection brings together all our 42 world libraries from 6

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Master Strings Collection

Master Strings Collection brings 3 world string libraries each deeply sampled and recorded with master performers. Master Koto, Master Tanbur & Master Kanun are now available with multiple articulations, phrase plays, long performances, patterns and more. FEATURES 1.8GB Unzipped for

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VoxPlay brings you fresh contemporary vocals you can play, designed from recordings of 20 performers. Create and play melodies with designed vocal keys, comprehensive collection of playable short phrases, sustained and unique vibrato takes and more. 49€ Today’s Deal –

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Library of interactive world compositions. Origins by Anello Capuano allows you to build extended, original pieces starting from organised long patterns as building blocks, live switchable sections and themes. Every theme will invite you to a different journey, a breath

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