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Cinescapes PRO Plugin

Create Ambient Wonders. Your Smart Music Assistant, Now Even More Advanced. Cinescapes PRO plugin is our refined music-making engine, supercharged with advanced composing options, ready to go scales/moods. Its latest design offers elite tonal and duration possibilities. Experience a harmonious

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Motif Plugin

A Brilliant Generative Music Assistant. Fastest way to create a unique melody, build progressions. Create unique, multi part melodies on a scale/mood, build progressions and power through a complete arrangement. All empowered by a state-of-the-art probability algorithm. When you are

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Juicer Juice your drums and vocals to stand out in the mix, make them thicker, stronger and fatter. Juicer effect plugin applies a smart multi layered parallel compression and colouring to make your sounds get bigger while keeping the dynamics

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Transformer Turns ordinary sounds into extraordinary masterpieces with self modulating resonators. Transformer effect plugin converts sound elements such as drums, noises, ambiences and vocals into rich, harmonically complex musical elements. Version 1.2 offers dark mode, presets, visualisation & more. 49€

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