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Oud String

Oud String brings this authentic Middle Eastern fretless instrument with multiple playable articulations and layers as well as phrases, patterns and effects capturing the deep texture. “Love the detailed sound of this Oud recording, feels like it is playing into

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Fretless brings the liquid sound of 3 instruments, a fretless bass, contrabass and a fretless electric guitar to your finger tips. Play solo instruments with multiple articulations, compose with the phrase tool or go for ready made patterns and effects.

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Whistle 2

Whistle 2.0 comes with extended range multiple solo styles, phrase play and patterns, together with improved mono legato. You can now play over 2 octave range of solo styles with our new, improved mono legato and mix them with phrases

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Kemenche 2

An authentic world string at your fingertips, either play as an instrument or use recorded pristine performances. Version 2 comes with new engine and additional sounds. 39€ offer price to support relief efforts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFS_YUyYTr0 Kemenche String is a sampler instrument

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Hang Melo 3

Hang Melo 3 brings two expressive playable hang drum instruments with multiple solo styles and an immense pattern library for KONTAKT and WAV, standing on the boundaries of percussive and tonal. PRESET WALKTHROUGH “Due to its unique timber and sound,

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Kemane String V2

Kemane String is a classical middle eastern instrument with felt sound and roots in Central Asia. With the second version you can now play this emotional string with your keyboard with 2 solo styles in addition to patterns and improvisations.

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