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African Colours

African Colours brings rare instruments, drums and vocals from South & North Africa to your fingertips. You can play solo instruments, patterns and phrases through our Kontakt engine or shape WAV files to your taste. 59€ Today’s Deal – 41%

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Blues Blues

Blues Blues comes with 3 vocal performers, additional solo instruments like Harmonica, Banjo and multiple Guitars. You can find performances, patterns, playable instruments and the grooves of blues music culture. “This library fits 2020 perfectly, on top of vocal phrases;

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Eastern Clarinet

Eastern Clarinet brings the magical sound of middle eastern clarinet with 5 solo styles, phrase composer tools, patterns and performances. This library comes with our new base engine with improved solo playing. “This instrument sounds amazing when played solo mixing

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Slavic Vocals

Rast Sound donated to Ukraine Relief Efforts. Learn More Long time awaited Slavic Vocals is recorded in Ukraine with 2 female performers, wealth of solo and duet performances, playable instruments, patterns and phrase composer tools. Now available for Kontakt &

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Sounds of Mesopotamia

Recorded in villages of Iraq with local performers and musicians, Sounds of Mesopotamia offers rare performances, solo instruments and sound moments you can not find anywhere else. 49€ offer price to support relief efforts “Mesopotamia is where written history began

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