Introducing Chameleon, your exclusive Christmas present from us, a celebration of the holiday season in every note. This unique library offers a taste of the diversity and richness of our extensive 36,000+ sound catalogue, with select presets and sounds cherry-picked from every genre.

"Both long-time members, familiar with nearly every corner of our extensive sound libraries, and newcomers will find delight in Chameleon. This unique tool brings together our diverse range of sounds, offering everyone the opportunity to explore new auditory possibilities."

"Chameleon seamlessly fuses mood-centric libraries with exotic world treasures, intertwining cinematic instruments with contemporary vocals and beyond. This is where the full expanse of our sound collection comes alive, offering you the freedom to blend genres and eras in an exhilarating tapestry of sound."

Sound Variety

Chameleon offers multi-sample solo sound design instruments, patterns and ambiences which are designed to easily compose tracks with the creative possibilities.

The Engine

Engineered for intuitive ease and creative stimulus, the engine let's you combine different presets and discover sounds with its innovative Auto Play feature.

"This gift library is full of surprises and a pleasure to play with, thank you."

The Keyboard

Select with ease from two elegantly designed menus that house an extensive collection of solo instruments and ambient sounds, as well as intricately crafted patterns.


+ 1 GB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV

+ 225 Preset Combinations

+425 Samples

Kontakt v5.8+ full version needed to play the engine.

“Just click autoplay and you can listen to it forever, when you hear something you absolutely love, start making music.

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