Create Ambient Wonders.

Your Smart Music Assistant, Now Even More Advanced.

Cinescapes PRO plugin is our refined music-making engine, supercharged with advanced composing options, ready to go scales/moods. Its latest design offers elite tonal and duration possibilities. Experience a harmonious blend of innovation and artistry.


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Plugin Walkthrough.

Cinescapes PRO breathes life into your musical sketches, generating intricate layers, evolving textures, and ethereal sonic environments, all tailored by you, for you.

Full Control Through the Engine

Cinescapes PRO is supercharged with advanced tools. Select your tonals and sounds, adjust generation rules, easily shuffle and regenerate ideas.

Scales In Addition to Emotions.

Firstly select a mood or a scale from 16 options and define your track harmonically and emotionally. Then you can adjust advanced mode options.

Generative Engine & Quick Sound Shuffle.

Generating new ideas is at the core of Cinescapes PRO. You can easily shuffle sounds for all presets (or lock some of them) and generate new music with these sounds through the Mode screen.

Elite Tonal & Duration Controls.

Variation knob lets you adjust the number of different potential chords (degrees) within your scale/mood that can appear in your creation. Complexity defines how many notes to be used in each chord while duration is the single chord length.

Moving Filters, MixTypes & Thoughtful Randomisation

Automatically moving parameters and thoughtful randomisation is at the core of beautiful generative music. Cinescapes PRO applies this effortlessly while giving you full control. Premier Mix-Type options give you new mixes from neutral to dreamy to more edgy.

Loop Mode

Adjust total number of chords, generate a unique progression that loops.

Evolve Mode

Generate endlessly unique chords on the go without time limits.

Keyboard Demos with Unique Harmonies.

Live Demos Played by the Engine.

Complete Preset Walkthrough.

"I was beginning a scoring job while already double booked and I used Cinescapes PRO in 20% of the cues to quickly build ambient beds." William West

Standalone Apps with Audio Export

Since version 1.1, you can use standalone apps both for Mac & Windows without needing your DAW. You can get instant inspiration and export to both audio and midi. Build a track and directly export to audio as long as you want.

Get Inspired by Our Presets, Save Yours.

We prepared inspiring presets for different moods, durations and tonal settings to reveal the potential of the plugin. You can get started with these and go wild. Save your creations through the presets menu, share and load presets from others.

Brilliant Shimmer Touch.

New version comes with Shimmer, a fifth sound layer in addition to bass, pad, ambience and noise. Shimmer brings random high pitched tonal pings to the scape as ‘brilliant’ final touch.

Better Flow with New Requested Features.

Music making is all about the flow. The new design brings the detail features you requested with an improved workflow. The engine plays in sync with your workstation while you can drag to midi or play the sounds of the engine with your keyboard. Define the total number of chords to create a chord progression or let the engine generate on the go and evolve endlessly.

"It really is a useful tool to help streamline composing and help inspire a person in a very real way." Dan Corkery


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How do I play the engine when I open within my DAW?

When you play your workstation, the engine automatically starts playing. The engine also plays exported or your own midi files. You can also play the sounds of the engine with the keyboard.

Which formats do you support ?

Cinescapes PRO is for Mac (including M1 native) & Windows and available as AU, VST3 & AAX plugin formats (64 bits only). Standalone version is available since v1.1.

Is there a Standalone version ?

Standalone version is now available (since version 1.1) and the engine can be run as an app on Mac & Windows.

Can I read the Manual ?

Here you can find the manual.

Try the Demo

You can download a 15 day demo with limited sound set (only 25% of sounds included within the demo). Try the Demo >>


5GB Installation Storage

4GB ram or higher recommended


Rast Sound Product Team

UI & UX: Ozan Ozkusaksiz

Audio Demos

Included in 'Plugins Collection 2'

All our 7 plugins now available within this collection.


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