Elements Collection

mood setting and sound design tools for film & game work.



Elements Collection is a composer toolbox for creating soundtracks in any mood, immediately. Elements offer 6 of our cinematic libraries, Cinescapes, Sounds of Mars, Deep Element, Mott & White, Dystopian Element & Bit Field with a special offer.

  • 9GB+ for Kontakt & WAV 
  • 2000+ Total Samples
  • 225+ Kontakt Instruments & Presets (Solo and Pattern Players)
  • 53% discounted collection pricing 

(total value 244 EUR) 

* collection offer

Kontakt Instruments

  • 220+ Solo Instruments & Presets          
  • 70+ solo playable instruments
  • 50+ scape builder, mood generator, patterns player & ambient element instruments
  • Kontakt full version needed.


Sounds of Mars

Designed by 20+ sound designers, comes with an engine that can play itself.

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What if you could play, remix, crossmix emotionally & soundwisediverse scape elements by simply playing your keyboard?

Cinescapes offers you a versatile toolbox for creating sound environments for diverse moods, as well as ready to go soundscapes and rhytmic ambience elements. The sound pallette for Cinescapes is mostly sourced from our organic, analog and ambience/field recordings.

Deep Element

Deep Element is reflecting on beauty of minimal, deep, calm with a touch of melancholy. Inspired from names like Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds & Kiasmos, we built a unique library for you to go deep.

This is the largest library we ever released with solo instruments, patterns, long recordings & soundscapes, last addition to elements collection. We designed this library with co-producer Dann Michael Torres, who provided a deeply inspiring and awesome sounding set of source tracks, for film and game composers as well as deep edm folks (listen audio demos).

Mott and White

Modular and analog synths, foley rhythms, stylized natural instruments. We collaborated with the talented Mott & White duo to bring you cutting edge solo instruments, patterns and ambiences to help create emotion and realism in your music.

Dystopian Element

Dystopian Element is a dark, processed guitar odyssey by multiple guitarists playing under the concept, through their analog equipment and heaviest fx chains; further processed, edited by Rast Sound to bring you a dark dystopian sound palette in the form of playable Kontakt presets and a treasure chest of organic and processed recordings.

Inspired by the likes of Black Mirror & Blade Runner 2049, film & game composers will find playable multisample instruments (presets) for Kontakt alongside with a plethora of long takes, ambiences, patterns, noises and hits in this library.



Bit Field is an artsy percussive library where recorded organic elements (foley) are turned into contemporary sound elements with digital and analog processing. An unusual percussive collection to stylise your rhythms.

These bits are playable through Kontakt & classified as beat elements, clicks & hits, motion, reverses, loops, vocal bits to further mix.

Colours Collection

Everything we have ever released, now available within Colours. All of our collections and future releases in one platform. 

Instead of solo collections, get all of them with Colours.

All future releases for this collection 50% Off.​

Available for Kontakt & WAV

Recorded and structured for composers & producers