'Fretless 2' brings the liquid sound of 3 instruments, a fretless bass, contrabass and a fretless electric guitar to your finger tips. Play solo instruments with multiple articulations, compose with the phrase tool or go for ready made patterns and effects. New version adds live presets, additional recordings & comes with the new engine.

"This library gives you access to three fretless string instruments, played masterfully to take full advantage of their fretless design."


NS Design state of the art fretless bass, recorded in detail. Playable legato, vibrato and staccato presets (3.5 octaves), patterns, effects and phrases.


Largest instrument in the orchestra, the double bass is recorded by pizzicato style, capturing the textural richness with a close mic. Available as a solo instrument (3 octaves) and ready to go phrases and patterns.


This rare handmade fretless electric offers a warm, fluid sound compared to a regular electric. You can play the solo instrument with a long range and various phrases.


Fretless comes with a Kontakt engine where you can play solo instruments and switch between them through your keyboard in real time. New base engine brings sample start randomisation and legato mode for extra realism. Re-shape the sound and get inspired by playing ready made patterns and phrases.


Now new version brings 2 lively guitar presets designed to reflect the live sound we all love. Our power users rave the sound of these new live presets.


"I ordered Fretless last week and started to play a bit with it. I m really impressed by the quality. It sounds so natural and real. Great job guys." Rien Fierst


Performer: Selim Gürcan

Recording Director: Alper Mat

Demos & Performer: Kerem Sogukpinar

Demos & Performer: Kerem Sogukpinar

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