One of a kind vocal library from Amazonas, now at your fingertips. Inca Spirit Vocals is Nacho Vila Sanchis’s journey to Amazonas where he worked with local tribes, dived into the tribes and their traditions.

The Inca Empire is possibly the largest empire in the world early 16th century. We have co-produced Inca Spirit Vocals with him (and Claudio Lillo Vadala), building on the inspiration from this journey and bringing these one of a kind vocal experiences to your productions.

The recordings (and instruments) consists of our usuals, long-short improvisations, sustained takes and loops but extends this with more than hundred word phrases and rhythmic takes. These additions are dynamic and unique, great for cinematic and EDM productions as you can have a feel from the audio demos.

We believe you will love this library as an addition to your vocal collection.


860 Mb unzipped (24 bit 44.1 WAV)

200+ samples

40 Long & Short Improvisations and Sustains

54 Loops (Natural & Processed)

108 Spoken Words, Phrases & Screams

8 Kontakt instruments (full ver. 5.6.5 needed)


Producer – Ozgur Kusakoglu
Co-Producer – Claudio Vadala
Performer – Nacho
Sound Artist & Composer – Kerem Sogukpinar
KSP – Katerina Mantzari

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