Indian Rhythms offer a wealth of percussion instruments including human mouth percussion Konnakol and other rare tastes. Play dynamic solo instruments, massive pattern collection or use phrase builder to personalise your grooves.

This collection is played by multiple master percussionists in Chennai, India and recording directed by composer Bala Subramanian.




"Konnakol is the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in South Indian Carnatic music."


"The ghatam is one of the most ancient percussion instruments of India. It is a clay pot with narrow mouth."


"The playing technique is complex and involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms."


"The kanjira is a relatively difficult Indian drum to play, especially in South Indian Carnatic music, for reasons including the complexity of the percussion patterns used in Indian music."


"The mridangam, also known as Tannumai, is a percussion instrument from India of ancient origin."


"It is used in temple, folk and Carnatic music, often accompanying the nadaswaram."

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