Juice your drums and vocals to stand out in the mix, make them thicker, stronger and fatter.

Juicer effect plugin applies a smart multi layered parallel compression and colouring to make your sounds get bigger while keeping the dynamics and sounding warm.

"I use Juicer on all drum and vocal channels since I received a test copy. Everything sounds bigger and blends much easier into the mix."

If you wish to achieve a fat, big drum or vocal sound that stands out in the mix, Juicer helps you achieve this easily. See how the plugin shapes your sounds below, making a drum sound fatter.


Juicer uses multi layered parallel compression with different characters (VCA & TUBE), automated make-up gain and further EQ magic that pros apply. You can achieve a fat, warm sound with one knob.


Juicer sounds especially great with drums, you can replace all your drums processing with Juicer to get your drums to sound dope fat.

Widener & 'B mode' for Big Vocals

We created the ‘B mode’ with a stronger widening and multi-parallel compression that suits vocals and instruments perfectly. We fine tuned 'A mode' for drums but feel free to experiment.


Crunch is colouring, clipping and distortion all melted into one nasty knob. Add a little crunch to warm it up. Further add attack with transient and add bass/hi with tilt eq.

Warm Sound with Analog Character

The most important thing for a plugin is the final sound character it provides. We knew Juicer would be helpful but we spent long time to make sure every audio process sounds warm and natural.

"Love using Juicer on many channels to give a little more life and punch." Adele Etheridge Woodson

"Juicer makes drums fatter and cut through the mix better."

"A fatter and wider sound with more attitude."

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System requirements:

>> AU and VST3 formats available

>> MAC (including M1 native) & WIN installers

>> 4GB or higher ram recommended

>> 64 bit versions only

*AAX format coming soon.