Delve into the soothing essence of 'Lunar Element', a sound library exquisitely designed for the creators of chillout, ambient, lofi and downtempo music. This sound suite invites you into a realm of mellow melodies, galactic grooves and night sky textures.

With solo instruments, patterns, long backgrounds, ambiences & textures, Lunar Element offers you a library and an engine that helps you combine, preview presets easily with autoplay.

Solo Instruments, Patterns & Backgrounds

Lunar Element offers multi-sample solo sound design instruments, patterns and ambiences which are designed to easily compose tracks with a night sky mood.

The Engine

Discover the refined simplicity and boundless inspiration at the core of the Kontakt engine powering Lunar Element. Engineered for intuitive ease and creative stimulus, this engine elevates your auditory exploration with its innovative Auto Play feature.

One fun gesture is that each time a preset changes, the graphics change to another amazing image background. Cycle Rate and Cycle Amount are fancier names for LFO parameters to help create movement where Modulate button further fluctuates the rate to create rare movements.

The Keyboard

Select with ease from two elegantly designed menus that house an extensive collection of solo instruments and ambient sounds, as well as intricately crafted patterns.


+ 1 GB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV

+ 225 Preset Combinations

+300 Samples

Kontakt v5.8+ full version needed to play the engine.

“Just click autoplay and you can listen to it forever, when you hear something you absolutely love, start making music.

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