Recorded with master performer Vikram, elevate your musical creations with the timeless allure of the Bansuri flute from India. Library offers playable solo articulations, phrase plays, wealth of rare performances & patterns. Experience the magic of this enchanting flute at your fingertips.

Bansuri Instrument

"For many, the Bansuri isn't just a musical instrument. Its ethereal sound is said to have meditative and therapeutic qualities. The very act of playing it, which requires deep and rhythmic breathing, is considered beneficial for health."


Solo Styles

* 5 select natural articulations can be played together with key switches.

New Engine, Performances, Patterns & More


The Bansuri finds its roots in ancient Indian culture. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit words "Bans" (bamboo) and "Swar" (musical note). Mythologically, it's most famously associated with Lord Krishna, the divine lover and celestial flutist of Hindu tradition.

Creative Flow

Whether you're composing a serene ballad, a spiritual meditative track, or blending genres in a world fusion masterpiece, our Bansuri collection offers unparalleled depth and diversity. Elevate your musical creations with the timeless allure of the Bansuri.

"The depth and authenticity of each note is moving. Perfect for my meditative, downtempo pieces."

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