7 solo instruments played with multiple styles and tools created a unique collection of natural & cinematic Middle Eastern drums. Play dynamic solo instruments, massive pattern collection or use phrase builder to personalise your grooves.

This collection is played by percussionist & inventor Alperen Alkan who created a new Middle Eastern drum set called Tubul.



Ottoman Davul

"The davul is a large double-headed drum that is played with mallets. These drums have both a deep bass sound and a thin treble sound due to their construction and playing style."


"This large drum stood in front of the ruler’s tent and belonged solely to him. The ruler’s Janissary Band (Mehter) play under the standard and before the tent in order to instil courage into the troops."


"The bandir often has a snare (usually made of gut) stretched across the head, which gives the tone a buzzing quality when the drum is struck with the fingers or palm."


"Darbouqas have been around for thousands of years, used in Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian cultures since 1100 BCE. There is 2 different darbouqas played for this collection."


"The frame is usually made of hardwood with many metal ringlets attached, and the membrane is usually fish skin but other skin types such as cow, goat, and horse are used."


"Bongo-like drums with ceramic bodies and goatskin or rawhide heads are found in Morocco where they are known as tbila, as well as in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries."

Cinematic Touch

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