Fastest way to create a unique melody.

Motif will help you create unique ideas/melodies on the go for selected key, scale and emotion empowered by a state-of-the-art possibility algorithm. When you are happy with what you hear, drag to midi to use with your ready to go sounds.

The Engine.

"We expect Motif to become your beloved assistant when you need a fast spark, supporting third hand, quick second idea or even a from-scratch music generator when times get tough."


"Motif offers what is missing, predictable generative melodic music." Richard S.

Emotions, Scales & Keys

Creating melodies for different scales is fancy, what about emotions? Motif lets you select either a scale or an emotion for any key and uses a smart algorithm within that scale to create a unique melody. You can re-click on the scale or emotion until you like a melody and call it a day or drag to midi to further build on the melody into a song.

Layers, Steps & Smart Possibility Algorithm

Motif includes one main (center) and two side layers (low-left & hi-right octaves).

One layer may seem enough when creating melodies but the harmonic possibilities available with more voices in addition to time variances delivers sonics far greater than the parts alone. The time variation allows differing step lengths between the main melody and lower or higher step lengths, for example allowing for faster melody with slower lower octave part - just like different parts in a piece of music.

All layers are powered with cascade possibility algorithms where you can adjust how frequently each layer “should” play. Each layer also comes with a menu where you can select 11 different sound presets and with volume (white fader), probability to play (blue fader), pan, tune and filter knobs.


Motif comes with 3 different intelligent macro modes to trigger different melody/music generation processes.

"I absolutely love Motif & RIG, they are genius instruments."

Double Length Adjustment & Effects

Motif is highly flexible with lengths and offers two different length numbers; you can adjust a loop length and a total length in which the loop will alter slightly and naturally throughout the full length. You can select shorter loops to create more dancy melodies or longer lengths for more cinematic/performative melodies (up to 256x16th steps).

You can also add master effects to the whole melody to change colour, add reverb, modulation or delay and shape the final sound.

Drag to MIDI

You can drag the current idea as MIDI to your DAW whenever you like, edit if required and use Motif itself or your selected sound sources to play it … through your preferred fx too. You can even split the MIDI file into its three octaves and let different instruments you prefer play each, creating soundwise richness and variety.

Keyboard for Full Control

The keyboard shows 3 layers that are playing as 3 octaves from C2 to B4. When you drag to midi, the engine will play exact same melody as the play button on the engine. B1 key in orange helps you re-trigger the engine through the keyboard without touching the engine. The purple 3 keys on the lowest octave shows the essential keys (chord) for the selected scale and key.

Sketching a Soundtrack

Building a Dance Track


"It has developed quite a free but intelligent musical mind of its own but will always conform to what you ask from it. Just don’t stop playing with it till you get something you like, promise it will not take long."

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