Your next hit/note will never sound exactly the same.

Working through spectral, transient and colouring dimensions, Naturaliser creates an audio output that changes for … well, forever.

"Prevents ear fatigue, both for you and your listeners, as if all sounds are performed or given delicate, subtle variety over time through heavy editing effort."

Naturaliser is an effect plugin that will introduce a strong depth of micro variety over time onto the incoming audio and the effect can also be taken to extremes. You can see how different intensities create variety in the waveform below.


Naturaliser slices time into user selected sub durations during which it applies discrete random states of its spectral, attack shaping and coloring effects to the incoming audio and keeps changing these states from one sub duration to the other.

*new in v1.1


You can select at which rate, intensity and dimensions your audio is to be affected and the plugin will start creating it’s magic on the incoming audio. With the latest version, you can adjust the swing amount easy.

*new in v1.1


New version update comes with transient detection which triggers the randiomisation of its dimensions at incoming transients rather than fixed intervals. Here you can arrange the treshold for smarter results.


She acquired an “extreme mode” too, on the way, which you can use to bring surprise inspiration to the composition stage as a creative, sound design effect within style.


Also choose to add a noise motion sequence to further colour and naturalise your sound or even design noisey patches (it is fun).

"Make your music less robotic with Naturaliser. Music often sounds better when there’s variation. Rast Sound’s plug-in applies that concept effortlessly."

System requirements:

>> AU and VST3 formats available

>> MAC & WIN installers

>> 4GB or higher ram recommended

>> 64 bit versions only

*AAX format is not available at the moment.