12 libraries and engines from 30+ countries in one collection.

Add unique colours and ideas to your palette with Rare Instruments Collection, containing 12 libraries (including bonuses) with special pricing.


* Collection Offer - 47% Off

Collection offers solo playable Kontakt instruments and well recorded strong performances from 30+ countries and cultures, hard to find anywhere else.

  • 7,5 GB+ for Kontakt 5 & WAV unzipped
  • 3500+ samples
  • 80+ Instruments & Vocals Recorded
  • 1300+ Patterns
  • 100+ Playable Solo Instruments  
  • Improvisations, Phrases & Words (Royalty Free)
  • 40% Discounted Collection Pricing

Libraries In one Sentence

What if we had an Atlas (map) and were able to select sounds and instruments from the map, combine and play?

Over many years of recordings and design, this dream is finally coming true.
22 totally different music cultures from 5 continents is available to your workflow with our new release ATLAS 2.

Recorded over several years in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Tibet, Japan and China, Asian Colours offers multiple male and female vocals, various solo instruments and field recordings.

“In coordination with Cambodian Living Arts we recorded, Sounds of Cambodia, wide range of Cambodian instruments and vocals, most of them sampled for the first time in detail.”

Sounds of Morocco is the first ensemble library (including vocals) from Morocco ever produced.“

Hang Melo II is an expressive solo hang drum instrument and phrase library for KONTAKT and WAV, standing on the boundaries of percussive and tonal.”

“According to the Sufi, the Ney resembles the human experience. The reed with seven holes suffers until a breath passes through and flourishes music again.”

Kabak Kemane, a rich walks/improvisations/phrases library from a classical Turkish string instrument with roots in Central Asia.”

“Created for your eclectic percussion needs, Anatolian Percussion comprised two types of Bendir, two types of Kudum and a Darbouka, recorded and edited into an inspring set of loops, phrases, oneshots.”

Kemenche, an authentic world string instrument aiming to bring both serious playability and enrichment layering with your other strings due to the humanly, deep and expressive sound it generates.”

“Recorded and performed in India with multiple solo styles and patterns, our Whistle library offers full capability.”

Kontakt Instruments

  • 100+ Solo Instruments (Demos on Individual Library Pages)
  • Vocals, Winds, Strings & Percussion
  • Pattern & Phrase Players
  • Multiple Articulations or Multi Layers for Select Instruments
  • Kontakt 5.8+ full version needed