All our 3 unique effect plugins now available within UNQ collection.


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"Make your music less robotic with Naturaliser. Music often sounds better when there’s variation. Rast Sound’s plug-in applies that concept effortlessly."


Working through spectral, transient and colouring dimensions, Naturaliser creates an audio output that changes for … well, forever.


Self modulating multi-fx plugin that lets you add up to 5 different effects and evolve every single knob with dedicated LFO's.


Add slight tonal excitement, colouring or shape your input sound into something completely new with Transformer effect plugin.

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Get All 3 Plugins within UNQ Collection Now.


*collection offer - 47% Off

System requirements:

>> AU and VST3 formats available

>> MAC (including M1 Native) & WIN installers

>> 4GB or higher ram recommended

>> 64 bit versions only

*AAX format is available for Naturaliser.