World Colours bundle offers our 10 unique, best-selling world libraries with local vocal tastes, cinematic world engines, solo instruments, rhythms and more.

450 €

*collection offer


  • * 10 Unique Vocal, Cinematic & Instrument World Libraries
  • * 8 GB Uncompressed
  • * 2400+ Samples (Royalty Free)
  • * 10 Vocal Performers,  120+ Playable Instruments & Presets
  • * All Available for Kontakt (full version) and WAV formats

The collection contains Mideast Vocals I and II from different cultures of Middle East, Persian Vocals from the rich Iranian culture, India Vocals with multiple performers. These vocal libraries have solo playable vocals as well as unique performances captured from Middle East & India by our on field teams.

Ethnogroove, Ethnocinematic and Ethnoscapes libraries are shaped for film and game composing, giving access to playable unique sound colours and ambiences from around the world. The bundle contains further hard to find Hang Drum, Indian Flute and Whistle solo instruments with articulations.


India Vocals

€49.00 €25.00

Hang Melo 3


Ethnoscapes 3

€39.00 €29.00

EthnoGroove 3

€39.00 €29.00

Indian Flute


Whistle 2


450 €