World Vocals Collection v4

palette and inspiration every vocal loving producer deserves.

World Vocals Collection v4 comes with Rast’s all 9 vocal libraries with 21 performers and 5 continents. We believe it is a unique palette and inspiration every vocal loving producer deserves. 

  • 5 Continents & 21 Performers
  • 8.7+ GB of content for Kontakt & WAV
  • 3100+ total royalty free samples 
  • 125+ Kontakt Instruments & Presets 
  • (including solos, phrase & pattern composers)


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African Vocals offer wealth of authentic war & love chants, patterns, songs, playable solo instruments and phrase composer tools from motherland Africa.”

Ritual Vocals comes with 4 performers and tribal, ritual vocal performances from Africa & South America. Through our new engine, you can play solo instruments, phrases, patterns & more.”

MidEast Vocals I & II libraries concentrate on traditional, improvisational, ethnic vocal samples from various cultures of middle east music spanning  from more authentic to relatively modern.”

Inca Spirit Vocals is one of a kind vocal library from Amazonas, now at your fingertips.”

Persian Vocals, second release from the Middle East, one of the first (if not “the first”) vocal library (incl Kontakt instruments) from todays Iran.”

Balkan Vocals is an evocative vocal library to inspire your cinematique, ambient productions as well as  dance/experimental stylings, full of intricate local taste and color.”

Slavic Vocals comes with 2 female performers, wealth of solo and duet performances, playable instruments, patterns and phrase composer tools.”

“Long awaited India Vocals captures the vocal culture with 3 top performers and offers a wealth of performances and instruments.”

Kontakt Instruments

  • 120+ Solo Instruments & Presets          
  • Solo Instruments for 18 Performers including Legato
  • Natural & Sound Design Instruments
  • Pattern & Phrase Players
  • Kontakt full version 5.8+

“Love your vocal collection, used it a ton on my latest score.” Atli Örvarsson

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Available for Kontakt & WAV

Recorded and structured for composers & producers