Fair sound document is prepared to reveal how we approach recordings, artists and producers who work with us. While it maybe the first of its kind for sound recordings and libraries, we believe transparency around how we work with our community all around the world is essential.

Rast Sound works with producers, musicians and artists all around the world. We have finalised productions and recordings in Middle East, India, Japan, Europe, Americas and many more regions. Over the years we developed a fair way of approaching our work with our partners. It is an ever evolving process but we shared some central elements below:

  • Any recordings finalised by Rast Sound respects the local culture.
  • Musicians and producers all around the world are offered similar fees (EU levels) for the work no matter what their local currency is. In any case we try paying more than the standard fees for that local region.
  • Musicians and producers know how their recordings will be used.
  • We pay many artists and producers ongoing royalties from the recurring sales of the products, depending on the product and contract type. 
  • We are proud to pay quarterly earnings to producers on top of one time fees when the project fits this scheme.