Free plugin database

Free audio plugins & sound libraries!

By Dylan Korver

Gone are the days of having to save up month on month to expand your studio setup, we cover a bunch of free plug-ins from around the web plus a small collection of free sample libraries playable with Native Instruments Kontakt but also including WAV for use on any platform.


Sonicbits – Sphere

Valhalla – Supermassive

DiscoDSP – Schroeder (mac only)


 Caelum AudioTape Casette 2 (Tape Emulator)

Other tools

Bom Shanka Machines – OccularScope (advanced oscilloscope)

Voxengo – Span (visual spectrum analyzer)

Baby Audio – Baby Comeback (Delay)


Nils SchneiderK1v (accurately emulates the Kawai K1’s 8-bit synthesis)

TytelHelm (polyphonic subtractive synth)

Vendaval – synthesizer that models the sound of wind

Free Sound Libraries

Vocal Morphs II  – contains morphed and processed vocal samples & instruments inspired by various electronica artists such as Burial & fka twigs. We recently updated this library to Version Two

Vos Contemporary – developed with Matthijs Vos combining instrumental and electronic to create a contemporary hybrid that brings inspiring results

Joker Tones – Inspired by the story and character of the Joker,  offering dark, deep, mad and nostalgic instruments and sounds

Calm – built to help you create soothing, soul touching music with unique sounds

Distant Choir – designed by mixing our solo vocal recordings from over 20 countries coming together as a choir through technology including 5 playable choirs


Want to share your favourite free plugin with us?

Send us a link, if we feature it we will gift you a Rast Sound library to say thank you!