How Ambient Music Maker Works & A Mini Album

Our ambient music maker, Cinescapes PRO, works on a chord architecture that allows it to compose ever evolving emotion based music. The best part is the uniqueness of every track produced. At the core of this structure is a chord list for each emotion. 

We reveal this chord scheme in this post as well as a mini album, Dream Lands, created by the engine. Find the video for the album below the chord scheme explanation. 


Cinescapes PRO creates music by relating emotions with certain chord schemes and randomisation. When you select an emotion tag, there is 2 chord schemes for that tag specifically and these will be used to compose by the engine. Please find below which chord structures are used for each emotion.

“0 on the list is the root note user selects and the other numbers are semitone ranges added. For example if 0 is C, then 0-3-6 becomes C-D#-F#.”

So you select a root key and a tag, the engine will decide exactly which keys to play according to this emotion-chord scheme.When we know which 3 notes to play, the engine will select randomly one of these notes to play as bass and the other 2 will be played from lead. There is more randomisation on how and when these keys play but this chord structure will show you which keys are playing to further compose with other elements.

The difference between loop mode and compose mode is the use of this chord structure. The loop mode selects and uses only 1 chord and evolves around that while compose mode randomly selects between 2 chords for each emotion, repeatedly. 


We love playing and creating moods with Cinescapes PRO. Yesterday we started playing it in “Dream” tag and retriggered it every minute or so to create the mini album, Dream LandsHear below.

Hope you enjoyed the details and the mini album. If you are curious about more back stories for any of our products or have any feedback just reach and let us know!