Obtaining a big wide vocal sound for your productions need some treatment from recording to processing stages. Here are 3 tips that helped us through the production of Mideast Vocals library.




Try to use a variety of quality mics if you have the chance. Also have a few takes on the same parts to blend on top of each other. Every different microphone & take will create a wider sound and filled spectrum.


Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 22.16.18





Send the signals to parallel compression channels. Not just to a compressor but a few of them with different characters. This will not widen the sound a lot but make it big and strong.


analog comp




This method is the widening magic. Take a vocal signal and duplicate it. Pan one of the duplicates to far right and other one to far left. Then put a simple delay on just one of the signals. The delay best works between 0-30 ms. Adjust it to taste. You may repeat this a few more times. You will realise huge vocals on a lot of popular tracks are produced this way.

If you have any tips leave a comment below.



Mideast Vocals for KONTAKT | WAV