Obtaining a big wide vocal sound for your productions need some treatment from recording to processing stages. Here are 3 tips that helped us through the production of Mideast Vocals library.




Try to use a variety of quality mics if you have the chance. Also have a few takes on the same parts to blend on top of each other. Every different microphone & take will create a wider sound and filled spectrum.


Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 22.16.18





Send the signals to parallel compression channels. Not just to a compressor but a few of them with different characters. This will not widen the sound a lot but make it big and strong.


analog comp




This method is the widening magic. Take a vocal signal and duplicate it. Pan one of the duplicates to far right and other one to far left. Then put a simple delay on just one of the signals. The delay best works between 0-30 ms. Adjust it to taste. You may repeat this a few more times. You will realise huge vocals on a lot of popular tracks are produced this way.

If you have any tips leave a comment below.



Mideast Vocals for KONTAKT | WAV


  1. very slightly pitching left and right components +/- (while maintaining length/tempo) create a magic effect sometimes (poss similar to decorrel). what about the centre?

  2. Parallel compression; how do you do this? Does it mean using sends to send signal to different AUX tracks with different compressors on them?

    Also, regarding decorrelation, when you say “repeat a few more times” Does this mean creating several pairs of tracks and doing the Pan L-Pan R process again AND putting different delays on them?

    Thank you for the great content and advice! Really helpful.

    1. Yes for parallel compression, every different compressor on different aux channels will fatten your sound.Like-wise when decorrelation is repeated with different delay times (up to 30 ms), the depth of field adds up to a huge vocal sound. Glad you enjoyed these!

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