How to easily produce realistic beats and drums with Designer Drums?

Designer drums is all in one shop for drums with unmatched midi realism and smart dynamics. 

By Rast Team

Our new toy, Designer Drums is a one place where you can produce all your drums, percussion and beats. Generally midi driven drum engines suck as they have hard time offering a realistic result. Designer Drums comes with a new technology, Smartdynamics, where your midi’s turn into real dynamic performances.

Below you can find performing beats with raw midi inputs, performing cinematic drums and world percussion:

Performing Beats with Raw Midi

In Designer Drums, we focused on modern day beats and producer with specific presets like Flumey, Draft Punk etc. 

Producing World Percussion Grooves

See how smart dynamics perform world percussion and shakers with next level realism.

Composing Cinematic Drums with Designer Drums

Dynamism and dual layer mixing makes Designer Drums a unique toy for composing Cinematic Drums.