How to stand out as an Artist?

One of the challenges of music makers today is to break the noise. 

One of the main challenges of artists today (music makers in specific) is standing out, breaking the noise and engaging, growing their audience. But how do you increase your chance?

This is not an easy task for 2 reasons

  • Music making process is democratised with computers and tools available (true for most other art forms as well), helping producers and composers create great results on budget.
  • There is many many more people making music and putting out thousands of tracks everyday.

This problem can be overwhelming for many producers starting out as it looks impossible to set your music project aside from the rest. You may start believing your music will never have the attention it deserves.

This is not true. With certain mindset, actions and strategy you can massively increase the chance of your project. There are 3 main ideas we recommend to consider and act on if you wish to stand out:

  • Find Your Unique Voice and Audience
  • Produce & Communicate More
  • Have a Long Term Mindset
Lets open these 3 ideas more, so we can see how you can break the noise and make your music stand out from the rest.
Find Your Unique Voice and Audience
This can work both ways, you can experiment and find a unique sound that will let your listeners recognise your music or you can find a unique audience that resonates with you and start producing for them specifically. 

Playing and experimenting with tools repetitively is critical as well as learning which ones you resonate with and leaving the rest. A unique voice comes with a simple but unique workflow powered by unique toolset and/or technique. 

You can observe your favourite artists and you will see that they have a way of doing things as well as a toolset they build their platform on.

Also be aware that you have to produce for an audience to stand out. Simply being experimental is not enough. Generally, great artists build their work on well known foundations but shift or make 1-2 things completely different or mix different concepts into one. 

This helps the audience engage easier as they experience the well known structure of your work next to the new voice you are introducing. 

Produce and Communicate More
People tend to think more and do less. It is exactly the opposite. *) 
In order to stand out (or find your voice) you have to produce more work. You can look at the top producers and how much music they are putting out every year, it is insane. They probably produce 3 or 4 times what they release as well.

You can simply have the commitment to finalise a track every week and communicate it with your audience through social media or email. This will not only help you improve your craft and find your voice, but it will authentically build a strong relationship between your music and the listeners.

Next to this, you can share your workflow, ups and downs, tips with your listeners as well. Your story is unique and it will engage your audience and help you stand out easily.

Communication, either with other experienced artists or your audience is much more important than most people think. It will help you progress faster.

Have a Long Term Mindset

If you are starting out or just a year into music making, production or composing, be aware that this will be a long journey and enjoy it. It is going to take years to reach high production quality and getting a response from your audience. 

While going all in with producing and sharing, be relentless. To get recognised or to make a living as an artist takes time. Celebrate every improvement and know that even if it takes 10 years, you will stand out if you keep producing and being aware.

Now go out there and keep producing relentlessly. Feel free to check out our tools made ready to help you sound different and comment below your additional ideas or experiences on this topic.



Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

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