Kabak kemane is a rarely known instrument that has a mesmerizing texture.

This was the starting point of this production idea.



Kabak kemane is a classical Turkish instrument with roots in Central Asia.

It is widely used in the Aegean region of Turkey within folk music. The name is also known as Kabak, Rebap & Rubaba. It shares the same roots with the Gijek instrument of the Turcomans in Central Asia and Kamancha in Azerbaijan.

The body of the instrument is made of pumpkin or coconut, the face is made of leather and it usually has two or three strings. The bow is usually made of horse hair. Kabak Kemane has different shapes in different regions of Turkey.

As the instrument don’t have any frets, any chromatic intervals or comas can be produced. The range of the instrument is 2.5 octave. For long years this string instrument preserved its authenticity and vibrated its sound within different environments.




The recording session is performed at Babajim Studios which is the leading recording environment in Turkey & lovely friends of ours. You may find detailed information about the place through the links provided at the end of this booklet.

5 microphones are used for this recording session to capture the maximum sound possibilities. These are,

* Neumann U87 for mono close miking.

* AKG C414’s for stereo blumlein miking.

* DPA’s for stereo room miking.

For variety, the musician is let to free improvise and play on different material provided by the producer. The producer selected material from different cultural backgrounds and genres to inspire the performer.

After a pretty long session, these recorded files are edited, mixed, mastered and turned into ready to go samples by the producer.




The recorded content is edited and produced to this final product by rast sound.

There are total of 507 mb of 24 bit wav files and 111 samples.

Package contains such samples:

* Long Walks :

Longer takes of improvisation, generally more than a minute long.

Kabak Kemane package contains 9 of these tonally and soundfully variable Longer Walks.

* Loops :

The loops are bpm matched and the names imply the tonal center of the  material. There are total of 81 loops in this package.

* Phrases & Oneshots :

These additional material will support the LW and the crafted loops.

* Processed Taster :

We love to add a few processed samples to session packs. These are generally created for our processed packs from the material this session provided.

Long walks are designed to be used either as full tracks or bits & pieces.

The loops are bpm matched and key signatured to speed up your workflow.

With additional content this package is constructed to be an all in one instrument experience.

Hear raw and composed demo tracks,

You may purchase this package from here or download free taster samples from here.

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