Making a Hit Song Using a Vocal Sample

Making the best out of vocal samples. 

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Recently a song produced with a performance from our Mideast Vocals Collection reached 10+ million views. This gave us a chance to examine what created this success and learned 4 main reasons that made this track a hit with a royalty free vocal sample. Here they are:

Long Authentic Performances are Gold

There is always a great discussion between our users, some find playable instruments very valuable and others are in love with patterns and performances. In an orchestral context solo instruments are very flexible but this track and many others show us the power of performances, especially for vocals. 

As well as the users, the industry is divided for either providing solo instruments or performances. From the first day, we understood the value of long performances and deliver many of them in every vocal library. 1 minute performance can fuel your full song without any extensive repetition. Once again, by using most parts of one long performance, this song shows us the power of these performances with the success it achieved. 

Multiple Layers of the Same Sample 

Throughout this trap song BO and Serhat managed to use same sample with multiple different effects and filtering modulation. The change in reverb and filtering in different parts inject dynamism to the production. If they have used the same sound over and over again, that would have been boring and dull. 

Integrity with the Rest of the Track 

The sample is coloured, cut and modulated such that the style and concept of the track fits perfectly. Being able to manipulate every sound for your music and make a mark on it, is where originality and inspiration comes into play. This effect does not have to be massive but when you personalise the sample for your music, your chances of integrity becomes much higher.

Mixing Performances with Solo Instruments

Not with this track but with many others, we have seen the wealth of mixing authentic performances with solo instruments to create a strong appearance. Many film composers use our libraries this way to inspire their listeners.

Hope you take away use cases from this article. You can always send us your tracks with our sounds, maybe next article will be inspired from your music.

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur is the co-founder @

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