Making Music with Pattern Composer Tool in ATLAS

One of the challenges of music makers today is to break the noise. 

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Would you like to compose world music or add some colourful juice to your productions faster ?

Our 2019 release Atlas is helping this out in a big way. We introduced sync play and pattern composer tool to help composers create music in a new way, a way much easier and inspiring.

“Think of SyncPlay mode as a background sync’er when you are playing patterns. What happens when you normally play a sample in Kontakt (by keyboard or MIDI)? It starts the corresponding sample at sample start and plays as long as you hold the key.

Now, in SyncPlay mode, when you play a sample (by keyboard or MIDI) and if there’s another sample already playing, the new sample will start playing at a synced position allowing you to compose while playing and add detailed gestures from patterns.”

Here is Atlas pattern and sync play tool in action:

Recently we reached out to Bala Subramanian, Indian composer to see how he uses Atlas to create new music. He thinks Atlas is a game changer for producers and composers to create complete pieces from different music cultures or to add some colour to your production. He shared one of recent tracks created only with Gagama set in Atlas. Hear it below:

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur @ Rast Sound

Ozgur is the co-founder @

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