Making of Mideast Rhythms with Alperen Alkan

We have collaborated with Alperen Alkan to produce our new library Mideast Rhythms. He is a percussionist focusing on Middle Eastern Percussions as well as creater of a new drum set called Tubul. 

After deciding on instruments and patterns to record, we have transferred his massive set to the studio and finalised recording sessions in 4 days. These recording sessions are available as natural patterns, solo instruments, build ups and a complete cinematic suite we have created with further sound design (we will share this process later).

Below is the process and his unique drum set from his own words.

“Tubul is a drum set from Middle Eastern and Jannisary band drums and percussions. 

The patterns of the library are composed for both single use and multiple combinations according to your choice. Bass drum is played with regular drum and plastic thin mallet, you will hear two different sound colours in the patterns. I played traditional bass drum patterns and more beat-like patterns to give enough options to create your own rhythms. 

For tef patterns, I chose two bar patterns instead of one bar to avoid repetitive and loop feel. The patterns of low and high darbuka are composed for different tempos and different feelings such as calm, aggressive, powerful, melodic, funky… High darbuka sounds more Anatolian and low darbuka sounds more Arabic and North African. 
Bendir is a relaxing and calm instrument. I composed the patterns according to nature of bendir, but in some patterns you hear different directions. You have traditional bendir patterns and sound, kettledrum-bass drum like patterns and sound. Two and four bar patterns are played and recorded with hands and timpani mallets.
Different sound colours are played and composed by different sticks and mallets for creating variety and options.
I hope you enjoy the library and use making your music. You are welcome to contact me through Rast Sound for feedback and I am curious to hear your pattern combinations and music.”

Alperen shares his drum set practices and details through his youtube channel as well, checkout his videos below.

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