Master Duduk & Black Sea Flutes

First Details

We are revealing 2 unique flute libraries in March, Master Duduk & Black Sea Flutes. Here you can find first few details and video teasers to hear the richness of their sound.

Master Duduk is recorded after getting many requests over the last 3 years from our members. We have gone the extra mile and recorded an exceptional performer with multiple Duduk instruments. 

There is not only multiple regular duduk styles and a wealth of performances to play with but we have recorded a bass duduk in addition, which is a rare type with an exceptional sound. 

Black Sea Flutes offer rare Zurna & Tutek instruments, both with deeply emotional and expressive sound. These instruments also come with many playable styles which was not ever available to music makers before. Here both libraries first teasers below.

Both of these libraries will be released this month (in a couple of days most likely) with many more details, demos and walkthrough videos. 

Until then!